The Options Suite

$800.00 / month


What comes with The Options Suite?

  1. Brad trades live in his Options Live Trading Room Monday thru Friday from 925 to 1030ish EST daily.  (Excluding holidays and some personal days)
  2. Access to Spy Money LLC Discord
  3. TOS (Think or Swim) course to learn how to setup TOS like Brad uses.
  4. Brad calls out his trades in The Options Trading Room and also calls out trades in NQ futures.
  5. You get to see a live trading monitor showing Brad’s levels and his live trades.
  6. You will see Brad’s options he trades and also his PNL live as he moves his stops and Take Profit trades.
  7. Brad calls out the trades ahead of time so you are prepared to enter the trade.
  8. While in the trade, Brad tells you the Take Profit levels and also when he takes profit.
  9. The Options Trading Room is recorded and posted on the website so you can watch again or watch if you missed it.

Will you profit on every trade?  Of course not.  There are some losing trades but hardly ever a losing day, which will happen.  No one is perfect and no one has a 100% winrate, including Brad.  As of 2/16/2024, Brad has had one losing day in 2024.  Will there be more losing days?  We hope not but I’m sure there will be.

Brad’s daily goal.

  1. He tries to make $1000 out of the gate to get some profit on the board.
  2. The minimum daily goal is $5000 per day.
  3. After making $5000, he raises his goal to $10,0000.
  4. Once $10,000 is made, he goes for $20,000 per day.
  5. Goals are raised $10,000  more after that.

How much does Brad usually make a day?   This year it’s been up to $48,000 so far.  Most days he makes about $18,000-25,000 per day.  $20,000 a day is his mental daily goal but it all depends on what the market gives him.

How long does he trade?  Typically, Brad is done in about 15-30 minutes from the US Open.  However, he is usually done within 1 hour of the US Open.  After he is done, he will stay live calling out some trades for others and talking to the users to help them in their struggle.

Do others make money following his trades?  Absolutely.