"The Ninja Suite"

Auto Trading Bots-Indicators-Live Training-Live Trading-Discord

The Ninja Suite Includes All of The Following and MUCH MORE


ALL Indicators on this website
Spy Money Angular
Spy Money Confirmation
Spy Money Herd
Spy Money IB
Spy Money Institution
Spy Money Manowar
Spy Money Ninja
Spy Money Suite Scalper
Spy Money Tick
Spy Money YOYO

Auto Trading Bots

SpyBot Fire
SpyBot Renko
#1 Bot SpyBot Suite Scalper

Live Streams

Live Training


Discord Room
Call Outs

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I lease one indicator or bot?   No.  It is a complete package

  2. How many pc’s can I install this on?  1 machine ID per user.  

  3. Can I join Discord before leasing?  No.  It is not open to the public.

  4. When do I receive the bots and indicators?  Immediately upon leasing.

  5. When do you do training?  Almost daily.

  6. Do you have recordings of past trainings?  Yes, they are in My Account when you lease.

  7. Can I cancel anytime?  Yes, it is a 30 day lease.

  8. Will your bots and strategies trade all markets?  Yes.  We have users from all over the world that trade all markets.

  9. Do I have to install everything individually?  No.  I have a backup that installs everything, including my Workspace.  It takes about 30 seconds for it to load.

  10. Do you offer support?  Yes, you get support for all of our products. 

  11. What platform do your products work on?  NinjaTrader 8 ONLY

  12. What Trade Copier do you use?  We custom built Spy Money Trade Copier.

  13. Do you use any 3rd party software?  No.  All of our products are custom built.

  14. Do our products work with Funded Accounts?  Yes. 

  15. Do you offer any money back guarantee?  No.  There are no refunds.

Spy Money Angular Indicator

Spy Money Confirmation Indicator

Spy Money Suite Scalper Indicator

Spy Money Manowar Indicator

SpyBot Auto Trading Bots

SpyBot BEAST Auto Trading Bot

SpyBot Renko Auto Trading Bot

SpyBot Suite Scalper Auto Trading Bot

SpyBot Suite Scalper 8/23/2022 US Session

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