Day Trade Futures Instead of Stocks

Why Should You Day Trade Futures Instead of Stocks?

Products like CME Group’s Micro E-mini Futures, which enable traders to participate in the same markets as Wall Street for a fraction of the cost, contribute to the continued growth in the popularity of futures trading. For day traders, in particular, futures markets have several significant advantages over trading individual stock seats for a fraction of the cost, contributing to the continued growth in the popularity of futures trading.

For day traders, in particular, futures markets have several significant advantages over trading individual stocks. More day traders are still choosing futures because they provide a level playing field for bullish and bearish traders and because centralized exchanges provide more insightful volume data.

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Day Trading with a Low Minimum Account

 Due to “Pattern Day Trader” regulations, a minimum account value of $25,000 is needed while day trading equities. This may be a significant financial constraint for day traders of specific stocks.

 You can day trade futures with a far lower account balance because margin, or the use of borrowed funds, is a crucial market component. The margin might be compared to a down payment on a futures contract’s total value.

Brokers and clearing FCMs set the futures intraday margins, and the exchange sets the futures overnight margins. You can trade as long or short as you want if you meet the margin requirements.

More exchange for less

 Futures offer the possibility of managing a sizable quantity of notional value with a relatively small amount of cash because they are highly leveraged investments. All players in futures markets rely on borrowed cash as leverage, which can improve returns while putting the least amount of money at risk.

Futures trading requires much less capital upfront than trading equities or even leveraged ETFs, offering the highest margin leverage. Traders can manage contracts worth much more than their initial investment.

Highly leveraged assets like futures make short-term trading more financially possible because day traders may only hold a position for a few minutes or seconds.

Positions with simple entry and exit

 Liquidity is crucial for day traders since it makes it easy to purchase and sell quickly. When a market is liquid, it is possible to time entrances and exits without worrying about whether there will be enough trading volume to execute the deal. Contrary to futures markets, where traders can count on high liquidity every day, the importance of individual stocks can vary significantly daily, making it challenging for traders to open and close positions.

Trade futures anytime, anyplace.

 Futures products trade almost continuously, six days a week, as opposed to stocks and ETFs, which typically only have a 6.5-hour trading day. This gives day traders more significant trading opportunities and the freedom to adjust their positions whenever they choose.

E-mini and Micro-E-mini futures for equity index trading allow investors to trade equity markets before and after the stock market’s brief trading session.

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Start using NinjaTrader.

 With NinjaTrader, you can start day trading with as little as $400 and get ready for the live markets with limitless, risk-free practice trading. Maintain minimal trading expenses when ready to trade live using micro-E-mini futures with $50 margins and steep discount commissions.

With its award-winning trading platform, NinjaTrader offers more than 60,000 traders free access to comprehensive charting, market data, and trade simulation. Start with a free sample account that includes 14 days’ of data from the futures market.

Traders should be aware of the dangers of trading futures since financial leverage can cause losses more significant than the initial margin. Even though futures markets are pretty liquid, they occasionally see fast price changes, so only risk capital should be used when trading.

Risk Disclosure: Trading in futures, foreign exchange, and options carries significant risk and is not suitable for all investors. An investor could lose their entire investment or even more. Risk capital is money that can be lost without endangering one’s lifestyle or financial stability. Only individuals with enough risk capital should contemplate trading, and only risk capital should be used. Future outcomes are sometimes predicated on past performance.

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