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I was released from federal prison for a drug case in November. Upon being released I looked into many different programs for trading and all of them lost me money. I was down to the last of my money when I found Brad’s Spy Money LLC site. At first I was off to a shaky start annoying him with all types of problems that are clearly explained in the videos (for his sanity we all need to watch the videos first.) In the past 5 days I’ve made 4465 on my Uprofit account using the SuperTrend 6 minute strategy!! I want to thank brad for showing me a path that keeps me out of prison and that I will be able to show others in the future to help people in a similar situation succeed. He truly does care about our success and he’s shown me that with his patience.


I recently found my way to Spy Money and became interested in the BOT product.   I still work full time and was looking for something that would allow me to trade but not required me to be looking at a screen all day.  Within a week of using just 2 of the BOT’s, I knew I had found what I was looking for in trading. The BOT’s are very easy to use and make money!   In addition, I also found the support to be exceptional.  The website has all the training on how to setup the BOT’s, how to trade the BOT’s, and that is why I was able to start using them right away. Brad and team are very responsive to all questions.  I love the BOT’s and very happy to have found this service!


Spy Money, LLC has the best and most helpful customer service in the industry. The owner of Spy Money, LLC honestly wants to help people succeed and the website has lots of  information for new investors to learn and start trading successfully.

-CS in Maryland

I am  a Futures scalper. Purchased Shaker about 3 wks ago. Have been testing it on different markets and timeframes. I like it because it is unlike any other Indicator, because it displays Volatility. At times I remove the bands and work with just Mid line and a moving average.  Buy and sell at color change, along with MA crosses, it is pretty accurate. Glad I have it.


I have been using Spy Money products for a little over a month.  The Spy Money Indicator programs I am using have increased my ability to consistently win as well as increased my confidence when to take a trade and when to stay away from a trade.  The training for the Indicators has been good in addition to Brad revealing a number of market insights that may or may not be related to that particular indicator, but the market in general.  Brad is extremely knowledgeable about the in and outs of the markets and has been very forthcoming in relating them to us as users.  I look forward to a long term growth opportunity in my market knowledge under Brad’s leadership.  The cost of the programs are minute compared with the ability to make consistent trades and being able to make better trade decisions.


Hey Brad this is crazy. Shaker Bot has changed my world.  The first 7 days I was testing things out without really knowing what I was doing.   Mostly just letting it run on its own to see what it would do. When I managed the trade as you do with a manual trailing stop, things changed dramatically. Can’t thank you enough. I have tried a number of methods for trading and was beginning to think the only people making money in the markets were people who had something to sell. I still have a lot to learn but am very excited about the possibilities with the bots.


Brad is a gem. I’m pretty comfortable on trading options as doing it for a longtime but then I joined Brad’s discord as his input from other discord was very helpful. But the real bonus of this group is future trading which was never my comfort zone. I took Brad’s course and I got my money back on first day doing scalping and it keeps me paying even in this choppy market. Brad was right future trading is where the real money is. I strongly suggest to subscribe for his future course.<br> Thanks Brad.


Just finished Brads course on trading future contracts. It was very easy to follow along and it was nice seeing an actual live trade being done so I can get a better idea of how everything works! I am practicing with paper trading on TOS and ninja trader and has been going pretty well I’m only using money that I would start out with but small consistent profits can equal to a big gain!


Spy Money, what a great community for individual traders! Brad does amazing analysis, charting, and teaching that we all engage in to learn “tricks of the trade”. He has been an inspiration for me and my quest for knowledge, understanding, and friendships in this group. There are many great traders in the group and we all have the opportunity for “call-outs”. Money is being made in this group even in this economic uncertainty and Covid-19 outbreak. I’ve been able to hedge my long term investments with awesome gains over the last few weeks! I’m here for life!”

– Kyle

I joined spy money back at the beginning of March. Since then I’ve had my ups and downs like everyone. The virus and economy has had a big impact on my life, but one this is certain. I’m so glad I got into Spy Money. They’ve been a real life saver in all of this. Brad is so very helpful, honest and quick to respond. The discord group gives valuable tips and opinions. No matter the subject they come with respect and without seeking anything in return. Since the time being in spy money I’ve learned so much about options, charts, and having a strong hand. Really appreciate everyone in this group. From my family to yours, thank you all very much!!!


Before Spy money I was trying to day trade and rarely swing contracts more than a week. Then the correction came, then the virus and the oil crisis. I lost 64% of my account. It went from $21k to $7500 and then seeped down even further to $4500. After four consistent weeks of following Brad and other members extended OTM call outs with premiums cheaper than $.10 each, I finally made it back where the loss is no longer $16,500 but now only $773 and it’s not over yet!


When you join this group, you will learn very quickly how knowledgeable Brad and company is and you will make money fast. It’s not only good for making money but also for learning various aspects of the market, strategies, and terminology. He excels in charts especially with using indicators and showing trend lines and patterns. His daily live videos are very helpful in showing the general direction of the market, including futures. I’ve been a member for a little over a month and am honored to say I will continue to be a proud member of the Spy Money family! Thanks Brad!


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