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The Ninja Suite for NinjaTrader 8

$1,300.00 / month

The Ninja Suite is the best package you will find anywhere.

When you lease The Ninja Suite you get all of the following:

  • Indicators
  • Auto Trading Bots
  • Live Training
  • Live Trading
  • Discord

What indicators do you get?

  • ALL Indicators on this website PLUS
  • Spy Money Angular
  • Spy Money Confirmation
  • Spy Money Initial Balance
  • Spy Money Manowar
  • Spy Money Suite Scalper
  • Spy Money YOYO
  • Spy Money Tick
  • Spy Money Herd
  • Spy Money Ninja
  • Spy Money Battlezone
  • Spy Money Bars
  • Spy Money Institution
  • Spy Money VWAP
  • Spy Money Zones
  • Spy Money Balance
  • Spy Money Ranger

What Auto Trading Bots do you get?

  • SpyBot BEAST
  • SpyBot Renko
  • SpyBot Suite Scalper

When do I live train?

  • I live train throughout the day and night.  There is no set time but I do give notice when I do them.  Sometimes, days in advance and sometimes it’s a few minutes.
  • I record them and post them on the website for you to watch at your leisure.
  • I try to keep the trainings down to 1 hour or less but some are longer due to questions.

When do I live trade?

  • I usually live trade in the London and US market sessions.
  • I don’t live trade all of the time but I do often.