Spy Money VPS for NinjaTrader

$85.00 / month


What is Spy Money VPS?
Spy Money VPS is an online PC the works remotely from any pc, mac, iPhone, Droid or tablet.  You can trade from anywhere using one of these devices if you have internet to access Spy Money VPS.  It looks like a browser window.  You can use on one monitor or all of your monitors using the Display settings at login.

What comes with Spy Money VPS?
Leasing Spy Money VPS, you get access to instructions, in My Account on my website, how to use it.  Within 24 hours (usually 2-3 hours) you will receive login instructions to access your VPS.  Your first time logging in, you will have RTrader Pro, NinjaTrader 8 and detailed instructions how to use.  If you are a The Ninja Suite user, you will have the files on your desktop to install the newest version of The Ninja Suite and instructions to install.

Where is Spy Money VPS located?
Our server is located in Chicago, IL so your executions are very fast using the highest techbology and fiber lines to the exchange.  Having a server closer to the exchange is what you want.  A nanosecond can be a lot of money trying to exit a trade and take profit.  The closer you are to the exchange, the better.  If you live in South Carolina or in another country, you are much further away and that 1-2 second delay can cost you thousands of profits.  Having Spy Money VPS, your delay is much less than if you are further away.

Where can I access Spy Money VPS?
You can access your VPS from any mobile, tablet, pc or mac if you have internet from these devices, you can access Spy Money VPS.

Why should I lease Spy Money VPS?
Faster speeds of execution
You have an older laptop or desktop that is not fast, you are located far away from the exchange
99.9% uptime on internet.  Your internet is not fast enough. Your internet is spotty and goes in and out all of the time (most home ISP’s are not constant like you think and lose connection many times a day)

2 CPU’s
10 Cores    Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 v4
10 Cores    Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 v4
8g DDR4 Ram
80g SSD Hard Drive
Up to 1000mbps Upload and Download Speeds