Spy Money Balance Indicator for NinjaTrader 8


Spy Money Balance works similar to pivots.  It finds the “Balance” of the market at open.  If price opens above the Balance, the market is “long bias”.  If it opens below the Balance, the market is “short bias’.

After knowing the Balance you need profit targets so Spy Money Balance finds those too.  There are 10 TP’s included with Balance.  The idea is to trade from the balance to the TP and also TP to TP or TP to Balance.  Trading levels is much better than trading lagging indicators where price has already moved past your entry.  With Balance, You have the entry and exit “BEFORE” it happens.

Spy Money Balance works with the London market and the US market.  You can enable or disable each or both markets so you don’t miss a trade going from London to US markets.

Balance also works with other indicators you may already use.  It also works with tick, range, volume, time etc bars.  You can use any type of candle too because Spy Money Balance doesn’t look at those for its levels.  It’s all mathematics developed by me.

Balance will work in any instrument that has an opening in the London-Paris-Germany market or any instrument that has an opening in US market.
Example:   NQ ES RTY YM etc.   It will not work with instruments that work with other “openings” currently.  I plan to make it work with CL and UB soon.  I will also add a few more that have openings outside of the London and US openings.  When this happens, you will receive FREE UPDATES notified by email.

NQ London Market

NQ US Market