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FREE NinjaTrader 8 Download, Install, Tips and Tricks


In this course, I go over every detail I use in NinjaTrader 8. It is packed from, installing to using it to trade. I go over tips and tricks that most don’t know.


  1. How to download and install NinjaTrader 8
    • Download and install NinjaTrader 8
    • Adding your license
    • How to get live data
    • Should I choose a Lifetime or Lease
    • Which brokerage should I choose?
    • How much are commissions
    • Adding a sim account and resetting it
    • Creating a new chart and connecting charts
  2. Charting
    • Chart templates
    • Drawing tools
    • How to install indicators on the chart and NinjaTrader 8
    • How to use and change the chart trader
    • Adding to the instrument list
    • How to add an ATM Strategy and how to make one
  3. Workspaces
  4. Market Replay
    • How to download market data and how to use Market Replay