Owner Financing Property

How to turn $100,000 into over $10,000 a month passive income and over 1.1 MILLION DOLLARS in assets in just 31 months.

I’ve owner financed properties for years and have found it to be the best money making business I’ve had.  I started as  a real estate broker and learned my techniques to buy and sell properties through lots of educational classes.  I teach YOU how to do the same as I do in this course.

I give you all of my documents from mortgage agreements, note agreements, mortgage amortizations, how to prepare a deed, how to record your documents, spreadsheets and much much much more.

This course is a do it all course.  I go over every detail.

  • Where to buy properties
  • What properties are best to buy
  • How to find properties
  • How to negotiate with sellers and foreclosure companies
  • What inspections you should get
  • How to negotiate those inspections
  • What to have ready for your closing
  • How to close on your property
  • How to find purchasers for your property
  • How to vet the purchaser
  • I give you the applications I personally use for the purchaser
  • How to complete the mortgage, note, deed and other documents
  • How to record all documents
  • The best way to collect money for free
  • I go over flipping your mortgage for faster cash

There is much much more in this course and too much to go over on this page.  Purchase it today and I KNOW you won’t be disappointed.   I go over every detail I personally do to buy and sell properties.