Are trades automated on NinjaTrader?

Are trades automated on NinjaTrader?

Automated Trading Systems: What Are They?

 It is possible to create automatic trading systems, also known as mechanical trading, algorithmic trading, or system trading, to carry out deals on a computer without a human being present. Depending on their trading strategy and goals, traders might establish unique rules for entries and exits. Automated trading is now an overall trading strategy.

According to recent research, 70% to 80% or more of the shares traded on U.S. stock exchanges result from automated trading.

A collection of rules known as an “automatic trading system” specifies the precise entry, exit, and money management criteria so that a computer can execute and monitor the trades. This method is popular among traders and investors because it lessens the emotional component of investing.

Moving average crossings are a simple circumstance that can be utilized as a trigger for trade entry and exit. Developing more complex trading strategies by more seasoned traders necessitates a deeper understanding of programming languages on a particular trading platform.

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Trading Robots Using the NinjaTrader Platform

 The NinjaTrader platform’s automatic trading capability is highly significant and beneficial in the eyes of traders and investors. Using the platform’s NinjaScript programming language, orders are executed according to specific market conditions predefined by the individual trader.

Traders will fully access the automatic trading strategy once they register their accounts. Using the My Systems interface, you can alter your trading system by including new techniques, indicators, or drawing tools.

Using NinjaTrader 8 for Automated Trading: How to Set It Up

  •  Utilizing appropriate software from a third-party provider is the best approach to configuring NinjaTrader for automated trading.
  • They can offer the tools necessary for traders to put up fully automated systems tailored to their requirements.
  • The Automated Trading Interface of NinjaTrader (ATI)
  •  NinjaTrader gets trading signals from NinjaTrader’s ATI to carry out automated order execution from an external source.
  •  There are three approaches to communicating externally with NinjaTrader’s ATI for trade automation.

TradeStation Email Interface: The Email Interface requires no programming knowledge and is the most straightforward choice. Traders can execute their strategies in real-time using the TradeStation Email Interface. After receiving a trade signal from your PC’s TradeStation email account, NinjaTrader processes orders through your broker.

 The file interface uses order instruction files (OIF) and standard text files. NinjaTrader processes the OIF file as soon as it is written to the hard drive. Immediately after the processing activity is over, NinjaTrader removes it from the hard disk.

 DLL Interface: NinjaTrader offers a DLL named NtDirect.dll to handle many functions required for automated trading.


Although the term “automation” may make the process appear more straightforward, there are a few considerations you should make before adopting these technologies. Make sure you grasp the ins and outs of the system and are aware of what you are getting into. Before using more complex trading methods, you should keep your objectives and strategies basic.

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