I started my first business while in high school.  Yes, high school.  I started a HVAC business and had some major accounts at only 18 years old.  Since then, I’ve owned other businesses.  HVAC (Heating and Cooling), Real estate company, mortgage company, sign company, software company, rental properties, owner financed properties and flipped properties.  I still own several of those businesses today.  During those times I would day trade and I always wanted to do it full time.  Running a business is not easy and has it’s ups and downs.  Being a full time trader has eliminated the headaches that come with running a business.  No overhead like employees, receipts from materials, office building expenses, utility costs, vehicles, insurance and on and on.  When you have employees, they depend on you for a check every Friday to support their family.  I’ve learned a lot over my lifetime and there aren’t but a few things I would change.  I take my profits from trading and buy real estate.  I like to buy homes and owner finance them to good people that are not able to qualify for a bank loan due to missed payments etc.  I also buy boats, cars, etc to resell. 

Brad Sanford
Trainer and Owner

Are you like me and often wanted to be a full time trader?  Then you’ve found the right place.  I have been trading on and off for 20 years and I had to learn futures and options the hard way, on my own.  I looked for a course that was reasonable and I could not find one so I found pieces of information here and there and built a strategy to trade successfully.

A lot of my friends would ask me to teach them trading over the years and I taught many but I didn’t have the time or tools to do it properly.  Mentorship and courses were needed but I never found any that were reasonably priced or effective so I started Spy Money, LLC.   I teach how to trade future contracts, future options, equities and equity option trading.   I start you off with the basics in “laymen’s terms” so you can finish the course and start trading fast.  Trading doesn’t have to be hard and you do not need a college degree to trade.  I break it down so you can understand what you need to do to start trading immediately.  I try not to talk over your head in the courses.  

If you would like to learn from a full time trader, sign up today.  Trading doesn’t have to be hard so let’s start today.